Dream Fullfilled

I've been a fan of Law & Order for years. While my favorite episodes are from the early Paul Sorvino / Michael Moriarty era, I'll pretty much watch any damn iteration. There's something about how routine it is, the way every procedural plot unfolds pretty much the same way combined with the slightly dirty 90's NYC texture that makes it perfect background noise whenever I'm working on a project.

Truth be told, back when I had aspirations of being an on-camera actor, one of my dreams was to appear on Law & Order, preferably as some grumpy witness inevitably unloading boxes from the back of a truck while recounting a perfect, near-photographic recollection of some nasty crime he happened to witness. I thought my dreams were dashed to pieces after the show was infamously cancelled in 2010, one season short of beating Gunsmoke as the longest running American primetime drama.

But I was wrong. Dead wrong. I'm pleased to announce my Law & Order debut as the voice of Cop #1 in the promo for this cheesy Law & Order true crime spinoff about the Menendez brothers. Yep, I'm that first voice you hear re-creating an archival news interview in Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, which is a long title even by my standards (and I co-created a show called Friendship All Stars of Friendship)!

This is perhaps (but probably not) my finest work to date. It may not be an appearance on the original Law & Order, but as District Attorney Jack McCoy might say if someone were nuts enough to let me write dialogue for him, 'I fulfilled this dream on a technicality'.